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FleetSmart provides Internet of Things devices and services to keep your machines in check, providing you with real-time location, and performance data ensuring equipment is operating at peak efficiency. FleetSmart devices are easy to install and transmit location and operational data including exhaust emissions, ambient air quality, run times, battery voltage, and RPM. The FleetSmart online portal features easy to use dashboards that offer quick insight into where equipment is located, when and how long each machine ran, and which machines require service. Text or email notifications can be setup to inform users if equipment leaves a geofence or if service is required. FleetSmart reports give a snapshot status on how the fleet performed over the prior week and highlight underutilized equipment and upcoming service requires helping you operate more efficiently.  


FleetSmart pairs with SAM Safe Air Monitor devices to capture and transmit all location, emission, and operational data. SAM uses an integrated carbon monoxide sensor, exhaust oxygen sensor, and cellular connection to monitor each piece of equipment in your fleet. SAM Safe Air Monitor transmits location, air quality, emission, and engine data to the FleetSmart portal for real-time fleet monitoring. SAM features:

  • Ambient carbon monoxide sensor

  • Exhaust emissions sensor

  • Battery meter, hour meter, tachometer

  • Cellular location tracking

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Easily track where your equipment is located, and where its been.

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Geofences with text or email notifications warn if equipment has been lost or stolen.

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Monitor carbon monoxide & exhaust emissions for increased safety and
OSHA compliance.

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Weekly reports highlight which machines need preventative maintenance before costly downtime and repairs occur.

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FleetSmart Service Network
Preventative maintenance and repair services through a nationwide network of trained service technicians

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